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    Eye Exams in Nashville, TN

    Families living in and near Clarksville, and Franklin rely on the optometrists at H.M. Calvert M.D. and Associates for comprehensive primary eye care.

    Consistency Is Key

    Generally, we suggest that individuals should have their eyes checked every two years. After the age of 60 however, we recommend they come in once per year. The reason we recommend consistent visits is important. Regular eye exams allow our team to catch any potential injuries or illnesses that might threaten your vision. In these cases, early diagnoses and treatment are vital. Protect your vision by calling our office today and scheduling your next eye exam.
    To detect, diagnose and treat eye problems, eye doctors perform eye exams to gather clinically significant information about each patient. This information helps optometrists understand each patient’s risk factors for developing eye disease and recommend a personalized treatment plan.
    During your eye exam, our eye doctors will ask if you are experiencing any specific symptoms or issues related to vision, such as blurred vision or headaches. Our Clarksville and Franklin optometrists will ask about your medications, work environment, overall health, and about your personal or family history of eye or vision conditions. This information helps our optometrists detect and diagnose a condition then recommend a treatment for that condition.
    A girl taking one of our eye exams in Nashville, TN

    Start Young

    Young children need to explore and learn in order to grow. After all, isn’t that why we start them in school so early? When it comes to our children, we want the very best. If something is keeping them from reaching their potential, we want to change that. Unfortunately, many children suffer from the blurred vision that keeps them from excelling in school. That’s why we suggest that children should begin having their eyes checked at age 3.

    Vision Testing

    Vision testing determines visual acuity, which is a measurement of how well you see. Optometrists use several different tools, such as Snellen eye charts and reading eye charts, to assess your visual acuity. Snellen eye charts measure how well you see far away. Reading eye charts evaluate your “up close” vision need to read. Depending on the results of your vision testing, eye doctors may prescribe corrective eyeglasses, contact, or eye exercises. Vision testing helps our eye doctor check your eyes for eye diseases, assess how well your eyes work, and evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health.

    Eye Function Testing

    Our optometrists perform eye function testing in our Clarksville and Franklin optometry offices. These tests assess depth perception, color vision, peripheral vision, responsiveness to light, and the capabilities of the eye muscles. Other tests evaluate whether eyes are focusing, moving and working together well. Eye function tests help our eye doctor diagnose eye problems not explained with vision testing.

    Eye Health

    Optometric tests, such as visual examination and tonometry, help optometrists assess the overall health of the eyes. During a comprehensive exam, our optometrists use magnification and a bright light to inspect the external parts of your eyes and eyelids visually. Our optometrists may dilate the pupils and use special equipment to examine the internal structures of your eyes.
    Tonometry helps our eye doctors detect elevated pressure within your eyes. Elevated pressure in the eyes may be a sign of glaucoma, a sight-threatening condition affecting the optic nerve that carries the images your eyes see to your brain. During tonometry, the eye doctors measure the inner pressure of the eye with a warm puff of air or by applying gentle pressure with a tiny device.
    After completing your eye exams, our ophthalmologists will review the results and discuss your treatment options as needed.
    We have two convenient locations in Clarksville and Franklin to serve you.

    Fashionable Eyeglasses

    Let your eyewear made a bold statement. Choose from our wide array of eyewear options and find the perfect frames to accent your personality. Call our office today to schedule an eye exam and explore our selection of local and designer brands. Try out different shapes and colors until you find the pair that you love. Stop by our store today to get started.