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    laser surgery

    Laser Cataract Surgery ​

    After years of wearing glasses and contacts, it’s natural to want a change. At Calvert Ophthalmology Center, we can help improve your vision without the use of contacts or glasses. Using a specialized technique, we can perform laser surgery on your eyes to correct your vision. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation.

    Contact Lenses

    As fashionable and trendy as your glasses may be, there might be days when you’d prefer to wear contacts instead. On those days, it’s important to have contacts that are comfortable and up-to-date. Schedule your next eye exam today, and make sure to ask for a special contact lens exam, too.
    contact lenses
    eye exam

    Eyewear and Checkups

    Regular checkups help ensure your eyes are healthy. During your exam, we’ll check for potential problems and make sure we get your prescription updated. After that, you can choose from our wide array of fashionable frames and eyewear. Once you find a pair you like, we’ll take your measurements and get your new glasses ordered.

    Specialized Care

    Patients who have diabetes, glaucoma or other eye complications may benefit from seeing a specialist. Fortunately, we have an entire team of highly trained professionals. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and start getting the specialized care you need. Get started today by finding out which of our locations is closest to you.
    eye care


    “From first visit to discharge, I was treated wonderfully. Dr. Calvert, his office staff and the surgical staff were punctual, attentive and most of all, kind and caring. I give Dr. Calvert the highest recommendation possible.”

    ​—Sue E

    “Dr. Calvert understands what it is like to put the client first and takes all the necessary time to conduct a thorough exam and answer any questions which you may have during the process. His staff does a great job and is helpful at every turn, as well. If you desire a personal touch with care given, then I would recommend this establishment for all of your eye care needs.”

    —Ashley H