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    Glaucoma Services

    Many seniors suffer from the effects of glaucoma without even knowing they have this condition.  As many as 50 percent of all patients with this vision robber are unaware that they have it.  Comprehensive eye exams for seniors are essential in uncovering the earliest signs of this disorder.  Our six locations offer professionals who can provide the services you need to diagnose and treat this condition.  Our H.M. Calvert MD and Associates optometry practice has offices in Clarksville and Franklin, TN. Our Calvert Ophthalmology Center has ophthalmologists in Hopkinsville, KY; Clarksville, TN; and Madisonville, KY.
    a senior undergoing glaucoma test

    Glaucoma Overview

    Glaucoma is not just one disorder, but an umbrella term for a group of disorders that cause damage to the optic nerve.  In the United States, this condition is the second-leading culprit responsible for blindness, behind macular degeneration.  Globally, it trails only cataracts.
    For most individuals, the cause is elevated pressure within the eye.  However, some patients have normal intraocular pressure.
    Our optometrist notes that professionals often refer to the disorder as a “silent thief”.  This is because most types generate no pain and cause no symptoms until the patient has already suffered an observable vision loss.  Failure to treat eventually results in blindness.  A majority of patients experience few early symptoms and sometimes none.  The symptoms vary according to the type and the stage of disease present.

    Signs of open-angle glaucoma include:

    • Patchy blind spots in the peripheral or central visual field, often in both eyes
    • Tunnel vision when the condition is advanced

    Symptoms of angle closure disease include:

    • Severe headaches
    • Pain in the eye
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Blurry vision
    • Halos surrounding lights
    • Red eyes

    Diagnosis and Treatment from our Eye Doctors

    The key to diagnosing and treating this condition is regular comprehensive eye exams. Our optometrists use a number of screening tools:
    • Reviewing patient medical history
    • Measuring visual acuity
    • Measurement of corneal thickness
    • Visual field testing
    • Retina evaluation
    • Tonometry to measure intraocular pressure
    • Other tests, such as viewing eye angle anatomy
    Doctors can offer patients diagnosed with this condition several treatment options and management options. The goal of our ophthalmologists is lowering pressure within the eye. While there is no cure, they can offer patients three types of treatment:
    • Medicated eye drops designed to reduce intraocular pressure
    • Outpatient laser therapy
    • Microsurgery to create a drainage flap for fluid
    • Surgery to implant a small tube within the eye to drain fluid

    Schedule an Appointment with One of our Doctors

    One of our six convenient locations can provide the optometry or ophthalmology services you need.  Be sure to call us today to set up an appointment by calling 270-886-2050. To see an H.M. Calvert MD and Associates optometrist for your senior eye care needs, call our Clarksville, TN (931-552-4455) or Franklin, TN (614-771-9979) office. To schedule with a Calvert Ophthalmology Center ophthalmologist, call our Hopkinsville, KY (270-886-2050); Clarksville, TN (931-647-4900); or Madisonville, KY (866-393-7874) office.