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    Laser Cataract Surgery Featuring Dropless Medications 

    Choosing the Right Procedure for You

    Cataracts are cloudy areas that may develop over time in the lens of your eyes. Cataracts may impair your vision by blocking light from reaching your retinas. When you are diagnosed with cataracts by a trained ophthalmologist, there are several effective treatments available to you. Our team will help you make the right choice for your circumstances.

    What Is Traditional Cataract Surgery?

    Traditional cataract surgery is a common medical procedure wherein your qualified ophthalmologist surgically replaces the lens in your affected eye. A small incision is made in your eye, your old lens is removed and a new, artificial lens is implanted. The success rate for traditional cataract surgery is very high.
    a woman undergoing ophthamology test

    What Is Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery?

    Laser-assisted cataract surgery takes advantage of the precision of laser technology to assist your ophthalmologist. We will use lasers to map your eye, gather information and make exact incisions in your eye to remove the damaged lens. At this point, the procedure mirrors traditional cataract surgery to insert a new, artificial affected lens. 

    LenSx Laser

    Calvert Ophthalmology Center is very proud and excited to bring to Christian County the combination of the most advanced technology in laser cataract surgery and lens implant accuracy that results in the best possible vision correction for distance, near or both.
    Dr. Calvert is also the first to perform this type of cataract surgery at JSASC. Just as patients have had options when it comes to selecting the type of lens implant for cataract surgery, they also have the option of choosing the technology that’s used to perform the procedure — surgery performed by hand or with the assistance of laser technology.

    ​Amazing Technology

    Traditional cataract and lens replacement surgeries performed by Dr. Calvert are among the safest and most successful procedures in medicine today. While Dr. Calvert will continue to offer traditional cataract surgery, the laser-assisted technology offers substantial advantages for many patients without the need for a surgical blade and will help Dr. Calvert to improve his already outstanding record of outcomes and safety. Additionally, using the LenSx Laser system with the VERION Image Guided System, Dr. Calvert can more precisely remove cataracts and more accurately predict the power of the intraocular lens implant.

    How It Works

    The VERION Image Guided System first images the patient’s eye to plan a procedure that is unique to the patient. Remember, no two eyes are the same. Then, the LenSx system that is a bladeless, computer-controlled laser helps Dr. Calvert perform your surgery with exacting, individualized precision not attainable with traditional surgical methods.
    With laser-assisted cataract surgery, a small beam of laser energy makes it possible for Dr. Calvert to remove cataracts without the need for a surgical blade. Additionally, when a laser is used to soften the clouded natural lens, cataract surgery becomes a gentler procedure requiring less ultrasound energy and fewer instruments in the eye. Thus, the use of the laser most often reduces swelling and speeds recovery time.

    What You Can Expect

    When patients arrive at Calvert Ophthalmology Center, the staff will perform a series of tests and measurements that Dr. Calvert will use to determine if he/she is a candidate for the laser-assisted cataract surgery. Using that data and the clinical exam, Dr. Calvert will become your partner to create a customized surgical plan that works for your needs and lifestyle.
    Whether patients choose traditional surgery and traditional lens implants, or laser-assisted surgery and advanced multifocal lens implants, Dr. Calvert is pleased to offer all options to accommodate the needs of his patients.

    Dropless Medications

    After your surgery, you’ll want to rest. The last thing you’ll want to do is put eye drop medication in your eyes. That’s why we use a dropless pain management solution.

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